Safran invests in Kalray, a european leader in microprocessors for next generation sys…

Safran today announced its entry into the capital of the company Kalray, through its subsidiary Safran Corporate Ventures is dedicated to investments in technology companies to be innovative.

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An investment in support of technological cooperation

The operation is carried out with the support of technological cooperation engaged since 2013 by Saffron Electronics & Defense. This cooperation focuses on the development of hearts new generation of digital systems for critical embedded. Several equipment Saffron are candidates for the use of this technology. This cooperation has, until now, been financed in the framework of collaborative projects, French and european, with the strong involvement of the CEA.

“This technology co-operation, illustrates the proactive strategy of Saffron in the field of hearts new generation of digital,” says Martin Sion, President of Safran Electronics & Defense. “The first applications being considered are short-term non-critical applications, particularly in the area of health monitoring, to take advantage of the capabilities of intensive treatment with a high level of safety of operation of the processor Kalray.”

A fundraiser 23.6 M€1 with the historical partners and a new asian investor

Safran Corporate Ventures is participating in a fundraiser 23.6 M€ to the sides of the investors who support Kalray since several years, CEA Investissement and ACE Management, and a new asian investor, the investment fund Pengpai. This fundraiser will allow for the development of the third generation of microprocessor Kalray and the acceleration of its international growth.

“Kalray has developed for nearly ten years, a technology of processors with the computing power reported to the energy consumed is no equivalent to this size of components, which is essential, in particular for the aircraft more electric. Beyond new applications in aerospace such as the health monitoring in real time or cyber security, there has to Kalray opportunities very strong in the automotive sector, around the theme of the autonomous vehicle, and in the one of the data centers. It is the complementarity between these three areas that we have also convinced as an investor, ” adds Eric Dalbiès, Director of Strategy and M&A at Safran, President of Safran Corporate Ventures.

On the occasion of this transaction, Gregory Aladjidi, managing Director of Safran Corporate Ventures joined the Supervisory Board of the company.

1, A first tranche of 13.6 M€ released immediately and a second of€ 10 Million scheduled by the end of 2017

Safran is an international high-technology group, a leading original equipment manufacturer in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence. Located on all continents, the Group employs approximately 58 000 employees and a turnover of 15.8 billion euros in 2016. Safran holds, alone or in partnership, leading positions worldwide or european in its markets. To respond to the changing markets, the Group engages in research and development programs, which accounted for a 2016 expenditure of 1.7 billion euros. Saffron is a company listed on Euronext Paris and is part of the CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50.

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