Rocket Fuel combines advertising, native and artificial intelligence

Thanks to the marketing platform predictive Rocket Fuel, brands can improve their reach and offer an inventory of native quality.

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Paris, may 29, 2017 – Rocket Fuel, a leading marketing predictive, announces the purchase possible now advertising native to help agencies and brands to strengthen their campaigns of digital marketing. Thanks to the partnerships already existing with platforms such as Google DoubleClick, Nativo Open, PubNative, Sharethrough and TripleLift, Rocket Fuel now offers access to inventory native premium that will help its customers to achieve a true interaction with the targeted audiences when they are most receptive.

“In an environment where agencies and brands are trying to anticipate the needs of consumers and to offer them authentic experiences and relevant, we understood how much it could be interesting for our clients to use the advertising native as an extension to their existing campaigns,” said John Genna, vice president, Product Marketing at Rocket Fuel. “With Rocket Fuel, advertising, native is simple, deployable on a large scale and allows you to use much more effectively our marketing platform predictive, and inventories of the quality of our partners. ”

The demand for inventories, native is in full swing. According to the website information technology Business Insider, 74 % of total revenues for display in the United States will come from inventories native to the horizon 2021, an increase of nearly 25% compared to 2015. Rocket Fuel addresses this need by integrating its marketing platform predictive inventories are native speakers of partners, both in format in-feed as a widget recommendation. This technology therefore allows marketing professionals to differentiate themselves and retain the attention of consumers at key moments, through the offers of the partners and on different devices.

“With the integration of Rocket Fuel’s platform TripleLift Native Exchange, customers Rocket Fuel can now access each month to more than 30 billion ads-native in-feed, which are offered by the best publishers in the world,” says Ari Lewine, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of TripleLift. “The platform of Rocket Fuel based on an artificial intelligence module is capable of identifying the key moments to bid on the inventories of native, whose efficacy is recognized. This is truly characteristic of the evolution of the advertising programmatic. ”

“We welcome the fact that the advertisers that use Rocket Fuel can leverage data in real-time and performance of the platform, by tapping into the premium inventory of Sharethrough Exchange that has more than 1 200 sites and applications,” said Alex White, vice-chairman of the department of Product Marketing at Sharethrough. “We are particularly pleased to see a company such as Rocket Fuel, invest to create and deploy large-scale advertising experiences that are native to high-quality, without disturbing the user experience. ”

Currently, the offer native Rocket Fuel is available in a beta version open for our existing customers wishing that their campaign is emerging in a contextual environment relevant and involving. For more information on the offers native Rocket Fuel, please contact

About TripleLift
TripleLift is the first and most important platform for advertising programmatic native. The technology TripleLift helps brands amplify their content through ads-native in-feed following the visual identity of thousands of editors. The latter use the technology TripleLift to create new sources of revenue by monetizing their inventory in-feed. To learn more about TripleLift, go on

About Sharethrough
Founded in 2008, Sharethrough is the leading advertising platform native to the world. It helps publishers optimize their revenues and brands to generate interest by creating ads that complement the user experience instead of interrupt it. The flagship product of Sharethrough, Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP), is an SSP (Supply Side Platform) advertising native used by the most important publishers in the world to implement all of their strategy of monetization for their inventory for native in-feed via mobile, tablet and computer. Established in San Francisco, Sharethrough has offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, London, Tokyo, and Toronto.

About Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel is a business software marketing predictor that applies Artificial Intelligence to allow agencies and marketers to anticipate the needs of individuals for products and services.
Based in Redwood City (California, Usa), Rocket Fuel has more than 20 offices worldwide and is publicly traded on NASDAQ (FUEL).
Rocket Fuel logo Rocket Fuel, Time Scoring, Advertising That Learns and Marketing That Learns are trademarks or registered trademarks of Rocket Fuel Inc. In the United States and in other countries.
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