Road Transport : the risk of a deterioration of the working conditions of drivers

This looks like a ” return match “, well-engaged, this time by the countries of eastern Europe. After having had to give up in the face of the States of the West, France and Belgium in the lead on the revision of the directive on the working detached (permanently validated at the end of may), meps and the Polish leaders, czechs, or romanians want to take their revenge with road transport. If they win, what are the working conditions of drivers, already weak, may suffer.

Monday, June 4, with a very short majority, the elected members of the Is were able to impose their point of view when a vote is capital to the transport committee of the european Parliament on the revision of Brussels is called the “social” aspect of the package mobility.” A set of texts that aimed, in particular, to adapt to the road the directive work detached-revised (same pay on the same place of work), on the grounds that they engaged in a profession that is highly mobile.

Meps have obtained a driver making a delivery, “international” (crossing several countries of the Union) is totally exempt from the detachment. Nothing would, therefore, his employer, it is paid according to the standards of the different countries crossed during his travel time on these territories.

For cabotage (the delivery within the same State), the road would be considered “detached” from the first day, but would have the possibility to perform an unlimited number of cabotage operations in seven days accumulated by month, in other words to enter the competition, during the whole of this period, with the local transporters.

“This is not the end of the story ”

Finally, the rest of the drivers ‘”cabin” is allowed, provided that the parking lots are ” of quality “, while the French mp’s were opposed totally to this flexibility. Outraged, the French Karima…

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