Rights of the foot : French cinema in fear of collateral damage

The redistribution of the television rights of the League 1 football for 2020-2024 could result in an effect of shot pool three stripes, with a regime that is more dry in French cinema. Between amazement and concern, professionals fear that Canal+, left empty-handed in the auction of football, could lose even more subscribers and that its support for the cinema hexagonal, correlated with the turnover of the chain, is not fading yet.

“The agreements signed in 2015 between the seventh art and Canal+ apply whatever happens until the end of 2019,” explains Marie Masmonteil, who directs the college of cinema of the Union of independent producers (SPI). The encrypted string must dedicate 12.5% of its revenue to the acquisition of rights to european films or invest a guaranteed minimum of 3.62 euros per month and per subscriber in the feature film of French expression. The most favourable solution to the cinema applies.

“An earthquake ”

“At the Cannes film Festival, the directors of Canal+ told us they would change the model if they lose the rights to football, warning us that they were at risk of losing 1 to 2 million subscribers,” adds Ms Masmonteil. Suffice to say, recognizes that the loss of the Ligue 1, ” this is not good news for the cinema.” “It is an earthquake,” says Pascal Rogard, director general of the Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD).

Pushed by strong competition in which it has taken into account very late in the audiovisual group, whose programmes are structured around two pillars, sport and the cinema, does more than 4.8 million subscribers. “Last year, in a tense context for film production, the reduction of the revenue of Canal+, has already resulted in lower funding of 40 million in the film compared to 2016,” recalls Mr. Rogard.


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