Revolut, the gifted of néobanques jam

It is a néobanque that is not of advertising campaign, who did not of agencies or even call centres ; and yet in his race for customers, it leaves all the others far behind it. Revolut, as its name indicates, wants to “overthrow the banking sector” to become the ” Netflix of financial services “.

The young fintech start-up finance) in london was launched in 2015 by allowing its users to transfer money and pay in multiple foreign currencies at no charge, using an account to charge and a pre-paid card (which the shipment is charged 6 euros). The recipe is simple : prices, the creation of an “active account” promised “in sixty seconds” and an application on a smartphone to manage this account.

The success was dazzling. Of course, Revolut loses money and has yet to demonstrate that its business model is sustainable. But, it now claims more than 3 million customers in Europe, of which 1.3 million in the United Kingdom. In France, its second largest market, she claims to have gained 400,000 customers, a year after the opening of its paris office, as much as a Hello bank !, the subsidiary of the mobile bank from BNP Paribas launched in 2013.

Most importantly, her ambitions appear excessive. Strong of its license of electronic money institution obtained in the United Kingdom in 2016, the néobanque already offers its offers in 31 european countries. It now aims at the world. “We are ready to launch the Japan, Australia and Singapore in the first quarter of 2019. In these three countries, we are finalizing the last test and accept existing customers in waiting list, ” says Emmanuel Boulade, communication manager of the Revolut France, Switzerland and Belgium.

The institution also wants to plant its flag in the United States in the coming months, by exploiting the license of a partner bank of the us. Will follow…

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