Return from mission to Hamburg : Nantes Saint-Nazaire confirms its international ambitions

Strong of her status as a guest City of honour of the Feast of the Port of Hamburg, Nantes has shown in Hamburg from 2 to 7 may. Nearly 140 nanto-nazairiens have made the journey in the hanseatic city, an illustration of a metropolis that bears the collective game in it and knows how to combine economy, tourism and culture. Meetings and exchanges have served to strengthen the ties between the two cities and to implement the projects of setting up businesses in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. Two companies hambourgeoises have just confirmed their presence on the territory, allowing the creation, by 3 years, 70 jobs.

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On the occasion of this major event and multi-faceted economic actors of the metropolis, have made the trip. At the initiative of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development, and of the Journey to Nantes, the programme is articulated around 3 main axes :
Benchmark and business : 3 days of sightseeing collective, rendez-vous BtoB events and networking.
Prospecting : Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development went to the encounter of its prospects germans for a tailor-made support in their project implementation on the territory.
Tourism : the local producers have not been left out and came up with their offer to 1.5 million German visitors on the area of nantes designed and facilitated by the Trip to Nantes.

Alongside several entrepreneurs, Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes, President of Nantes Métropole and Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development, presented the 1st of June the first results of this shift :
The company LetMeShip chose Nantes for the opening of its French office : this German company, platform, shipping, multi-carrier, has a cover by the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development for its facility and its employees, and predicted that in 3 years the creation of some twenty jobs.
Aerius Navy chose Saint-Nazaire for the opening of its site of assembly and mounting French : this choice is explained by three main factors : the desire to be closer to its customer, the dynamism of the economic ecosystem nazairien and the possibility of finding a skilled workforce with specialized training. This represents for the territory as a creation of 50 jobs in the next 3 years.
New business opportunities : a total of 45 companies hambourgeoises encountered, 8 appointments with prospects germans interested in the territory nanto-nazairien.
The signature by Johanna Rolland and Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, a letter of intent of cooperation 2017-2020.
160 000 German visitors on the stand of nantes to the Festival of the Port of Hamburg, with important business figures carried out on the spot by local growers.
Audencia Business School has signed an agreement Erasmus with the Kühne Logistics University.

“The positive and tangible results of the delegation to Hamburg, both on the economic aspect of the tourism, are the fruit of a collaboration virtuous between public and private actors of nantes and nazairiens. I thank their involvement and commitment in this mission, which contributes to the attractiveness of our territory, its economic dynamism and, ultimately, to the creation of new jobs. The committed partnership between the two towns has strengthened on the occasion of this movement and if registered in time, ” said Johanna Rolland.

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