Results 2016 EBRC achieved growth of over 45% in 2 years and established itself in France

EBRC, European Business Reliance Centre “, a leader in the Greater Region in the management of ICT services trust, continued its double-digit growth : 22%.

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In 2016, EBRC door its turnover in 2015 of 57.5 million euros to more than€ 70 million.
EBRC’s vision is to become a european centre of excellence in the management of sensitive information.
After having achieved a growth of over 19% in 2015, EBRC shape in 2016 a new organic growth of over 22%, which represents a growth of over 45% in two years.
This sustained organic growth has been achieved by signing with new international clients and expanding its existing customers, from all of the strategic sectors of the company : Bank & Finance, Insurance, FinTechs & e-Payments, e-Commerce, Industries reviews, Health and Biotechnology, International Institutions, Public Sector, international Sector: Defence, Space, Media, Services Providers, law Firms, Start-ups, etc
In 2016, EBRC has also launched a branch in Paris and has cemented its international development via an external growth transaction. Beginning 2017, EBRC has signed an alliance long-term with the company to DIGOR.
DIGOR is a French company of IT services are particularly famous for the excellence of its services in the area of databases. It has around one hundred employees and 450 clients. DIGOR is present in the large cities of france, such as Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and also has an entity in Morocco and in Luxembourg.
This alliance with DIGOR allows EBRC to not only strengthen its competence centre “databases” at the international level but also propose, through its partner, all of its “Trusted Services Europe” to the customers present throughout the French territory.
“This growth is part of our strategy, “time 2” by 2020. The 2020 strategy EBRC aims, on the basis of the end of 2014, to double our turnover and to bring to more than 100 million€ to the doubling of our centre of competence (from 180 to 400 employees), to double our client portfolio (250 to 500), to be two times more powerful and agile “, underlines Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.
“In the framework of the construction of the digital market in european and in parallel to our international deployment, we are strengthening our competence centre for Cybersecurity within the group POST. Facing the exponential growth of threats in the digital landscape in europe by 2016, EBRC is, moreover, particularly invested in the exercise CyberEurope which simulated a cyber Attack massive on the european continent “, says Yves Reding.
In 2017, the EBRC will accelerate its international development in the framework of the european digital market in the course of construction, promoting the “Quality & Security” made in Luxembourg “.
About EBRC :

Established in 2000 and having its registered office in Luxembourg, EBRC is the preferred partner for many international businesses to ensure the implementation of it applications critical to high-level security.

On the basis of an infrastructure unique in the world of data centers certified as Tier IV (the highest level of security), EBRC offers its customers a complete, end-to-end and aligned to the highest international standards. The company supports its customers in their transformation to a digital one, the management of their IT operations and in strengthening their defenses against the growing risks of the digital age.

EBRC holds, among other certifications for ISO 20000 (IT management), ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 22301 (business continuity), ISO 9001 (quality), PCI DSS (security of financial transactions) and won several times the award “Best Cloud Service Provider” and “Best Managed Service Provider” at the european level.

International clients, EBRC are from the sectors banking and Finance, Insurance, FinTech, eCommerce, Media, Space, BioTech and Health, european and international Institutions, Industry critics, it Companies, Startups,…

EBRC has achieved in 2016, a growth of 22% for a turnover of 70 million euro and employs 200 employees.

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