Renault and paris-Bercy belie any assignment by the State of its share of the capital of the manufacturer

The article from Reuters has the effect of a wildfire in the aisles of the car Show of Geneva, who lived, Wednesday, march 7, his second day reserved for the press, on the eve of its opening to the public. “Renault and Nissan have initiated discussions on a strengthening of their alliance, which could lead to the takeover by the japanese manufacturer of the bulk of the 15% share owned by the French State in the share capital of Renault,” said the british news agency, citing “sources close to the matter” and revealing the name of banks boards involved : BNP Paribas and Nomura.

Thus, the thread which connects, since the Liberation, the French Republic, to the former Régie nationale des usines Renault would be in the process of being cut. A revelation shock, historic significance, and crédibilisée by the fact that it is broadcast by a large international agency and in a context where the French State began a phase of “cleaning up” of its portfolio of interests in launching a wave of disposals of public assets.

“This is not a possible option for the government “

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