Reform of the SNCF : the government rushes in ignoring the trade unions

The strike is waning, the reform passes quietly, and the unions of the SNCF remain at the dock. Wednesday, April 18, so that the strike paralyzed nearly two more trains on three with a little less than 20 % of the staff off work, the government has announced the end of recruitment to the status of a railroader from January 1, 2020.

This clarifies the overall timetable of the bill ” for a new deal rail “. This big bang is expected to take place in just a year and a half. At this date, the public institutions and SNCF, and its two subsidiaries, SNCF Network, and SNCF Mobilités will adopt the status of société anonyme. They will be 100% owned by public capital and the State will take over, gradually, the debt of the SNCF Network.

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