Record of e-toll revenue for the first half of the year

This year also continued to do distance-based electronic toll system revenue strong increase: the earned toll to 30 June sales gross 108,3 billion huf amount of because nearly 12 percent higher than last year – announced the National toll payment Services Ltd. on Thursday told MTI.

This June 30, the e-toll revenue for this year’s budget expectations, nearly 57 percent have been fulfilled.

According to the information, the growth of the toll road network traffic increase in addition to in part caused by a new phase with the expansion of the toll road. The above 3.5 tons, and freight vehicle owners or operator of the year in the first six months a total of 4.7 billion forints paid for this use.

I was told that the new road sections are among the largest e-toll revenue, about 2.5 billion in the M0 eastern sector was tied to, but it’s close to 1.3 billion and 810 million huf amount to the M86 and M31 is way too a significant proportion of. The last period is similar to the most toll revenue in 2017 for the first half year of the M1-M0-M5 M43, and the M7-M0-M3 stem was connected.

2013. on July 1, introduced HU-GO system in the 30 June data on the basis of close to 80 thousand registered customers are registered, which is 24 percent higher than the year-ago value. The registered number of vehicles in one year 238 thousand from approximately 295 thousand increased, the vehicles bound on-board units (OBU) the number of last year’s 142 thousand from starting approached the 178 thousand value.

The aggregation is according to slowing, to an extent, but further increased the OBU usage rate. The 30 June data based on the returns 85,1 percent of on-board units by using a years ago, this is the value of 79.5 percent.

The 2017 first half-year received earned toll 50,7 percent of foreign users had been declared. The countries order of examining this period in the Romanian markings freight vehicles represented the highest proportion. 40,41 for towering leader in the field, as second place was Poland’s only 13,84% feet. In the third place, Bulgaria is located 9,78 percent, and Slovakia and Serbia following 8,61 and 5,88%. The list of leading countries in order of 2016 haven’t changed.

The 1 January the amendments introduced after the e-toll system in the Hungarian toll road network length is currently 6849,7 miles, which is a total of 2443 elementary phases. The audit experience of the road users, the vast majority of the rules in accordance with use of the on-board device and pay the toll – informed of the National toll payment Services Ltd.

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