Record-high profit for Amazon in second quarter

For years, Amazon has above all distinguished by the unbridled growth of its turnover. But the company’s iconic online business is entering a new era, that of profits. In the second quarter, it achieved the highest net earnings in its history, exceeding for the first time, $ 2 billion (1.7 billion euros). A performance hailed by the investors of Wall Street : in the exchanges after the Exchange, the action won, Thursday, June 26, more than 3% to reach its highest historical level.

This increase however will not be sufficient to allow Amazon to delight, as soon as Friday, the place of first world stock market capitalization to Apple. The group of Seattle is valued at 861 billion, up from $ 946 billion for the designer of the iPhone. But many analysts believe that the passage of a witness should quickly take place. Since the beginning of the year, the title of Amazon has climbed more than 50 %, against only 13 % for Apple.

Understand how

Amazon, Apple and Google are still on the roof of the business world

Between April and June, the company led by Jeff Bezos, became the first fortune in the world, has reached 2.5 billion dollars in profits. It is two times more than the consensus of financial analysts. And twelve times more than in 2017 ! Its operating margin, which rose from 0.8 % to 5.6 %, is the highest since ten years. For the current quarter, Amazon expects a similar progression, beat, there, too, all the forecasts. “The path to profitability seems to be accelerating more quickly than expected “, states Daniel Ives, an analyst at GBH Insights.

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