Realytics accompanies BlaBlaCar in the management of its campaigns TV in Europe.

BlaBlaCar has chosen Realytics, the leader in convergence of TV/digital, as a european partner for the analysis and the optimization of its campaigns, TV broadcast in Europe.

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Since its launch in 2006, Blablacar, the nugget, French became a unicorn, is present in 22 countries and is today a major player in the carpool. The company has more than 40 million members and is traveling more than 12 million users per quarter. Blablacar is based on the expertise of Realytics from 2015 to analyze, measure and optimize the impact of its campaigns on TV.

Privileged partner of major brands, media agencies and advertising agencies on the issues of Drive to Web and Drive to App, Realytics has attracted since its launch in 2014, more than 200 customers. The unique technology developed by the startup can measure in real time the impact of campaigns, TV on the digital. The growing business is being progressively deployed to the international and on the strength of its presence in Europe, comes to support Blablacar in the optimization of its campaigns for european television, in three essential points :
Measure the impact of its campaigns on TV in a optical Drive to App
Drivée by the performance, BlaBlaCar is the choice of the TV to communicate knowing that she is able to fully master his KING. It is the goal of the solution proposed by Realytics that analyzes the direct impact of its TV campaign on the downloads of its application. The purpose ? Optimize, in the long term, its investments in TV, and adjust their media plans.
To continue the user experience of its TV audience on the digital
Realytics allows BlaBlaCar to get a better understanding of the TV audience responsive to the digital, and to then retarget these “committed” TV ” which had not yet downloaded the mobile application.
Take advantage of a solution plug-and-play in all countries
Now deployed in Europe, Realytics allows international clients to benefit from a single interface capable of adapting to the constraints of media planning in each country. A true asset to BlaBlaCar, which can rely on the proactivity of Realytics for its launches of the campaign.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Realytics in Europe to more accurately measure the impact of our campaigns on TV. “, says Daniel Benamran, Head of Channels at BlaBlaCar.

“BlaBlaCar is one of our prestigious clients. The company makes use of our services from 2015 to assess the impact of its campaigns TV on its mobile app in France. With the launch of campaigns on TV in various european countries, we are pleased that BlaBlaCar strengthens his confidence in Realytics. , “said Guillaume Belmas, President of Realytics.

About Realytics
Co-founded in 2014 by Guillaume Belmas, Sébastien Monteil, Vincent Nguyen Huu and Grégory Bittan, Realytics, a leader in the convergence of TV/digital, allows us to measure the impact of TV advertising campaigns on digital media. The startup has about thirty employees and supports more than 200 clients, about a dozen agencies, media and advertising agencies in France and abroad (Germany, Australia, UK…).
Strong of more than 700 000 TV spots, analyzed, and 4 years of R&D, Realytics now allows advertisers to derive more value from the TV channel by identifying the visitors Web from a TV spot. An approach to user-centric channel offline, allowing advertisers to develop scenarios of unpublished cross-media campaigns (retargeting, extensions, hearing…) to capitalize on a captive audience and engaged.
In march 2017, Realytics has raised € 2.5 million from Elaia Partners, BNP Paribas Développement and News Invest.

About BlaBlaCar
BlaBlaCar brings together the wider community, carpool long distance in the world. The startup connects drivers travelling with empty seats and passengers looking to make the same journey. The cost of the trip (tolls and gas) is shared among the carpool. The name BlaBlaCar comes from the fact that carpoolers choose if they are rather ” Bla “, “BlaBla” or “BlaBlaBla” car according to their degree of banter.
Some key figures :
40 million members in 22 countries
An application downloaded more than 21 million times
500 employees… a large majority of a carpool !

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