Real estate : the Great Paris hunting ground for experienced investors

Decrease plan for the new real estate everywhere in the country… except in the Île-de-France. The region remains largely unspoilt, the shortage of housing and high prices force. The decrease of the fees of the loan to zero rate of 50 % and the refocusing of the scheme investment locatif Pinel have not taken on this market.
“We experienced a first quarter decline of 5% in housing sales, which declined 50 %. On the other hand, we experienced a rebound in sales in the second quarter which helped to correct the decline in sales in the first quarter, ” notes Fabien Acerbis, director-general of housing in the region Île-de-France, Bouygues Immobilier.

Only downside : the growing deficit of investors. For professionals, the reasons are to look for the announcement of the extension to 4 years the device Pinel : “investors are no longer in the rush. They know that they now have 4 years to decide and prefer to take their time, ” says Helen Romano, vice-president of Nexity residential real Estate.

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Not to mention the tax on the real estate asset and the upcoming arrival of the collection at the source that create, according to Franck Vignaud, director of the laboratory of the real estate, ” a tax environment uncertain for investors. “

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