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After its official partnership of the talk-show “evening team” on the string team, the brokerage network multi-activity that includes BANCAssurances.com (brokerage network dedicated to private individuals and businesses), AssurBanques.com (network of brokers to home for individuals) and BANCAssurimo.com (portal of real estate ads with financing and insurance) launches its second campaign of communication on media of this scale.

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This campaign should coincide with the launch of 4 new platforms associated with the brands of the Group : web sites bancassurances.com, assurbanques.com, bancassurimo.com, franchisecourtier.com.

The communication actions will be carried out simultaneously on the following channels :
The sponsorship of the broadcast “Teleshopping” which aired every day from Monday to Saturday on TF1, from the 26th to the 1st of July
The distribution of spots of 30 seconds on France Télévisions (France 2, France 3, France 3 Regions), on 27 and 30 June
The distribution of spots of 30 seconds on M6 and W9, on 27 and 30 June
The distribution of spots of 30 seconds on LCI, 27 and 30 June.
The distribution of spots of 30 seconds on the chains CNEWS, C8 and France 5, 11 and 14 July
This visibility will be of benefit to the agencies of the networks, with the objective of satisfying the customer

The key to the success of FranchiseCourtier.com

FranchiseCourtier.com 1 job board of the brokerage, a collaborative that brings together the different brands and formulas of membership :
BANCAssurances.com, historical actor of the brokerage in credit and insurance available to individuals and businesses
AssurBanques.com network of brokers in the home for individuals
Brokers bi-activities, Bancassurance and Assurbanquiers can opt for the formula BANCAssurimo.com, gateway to the estate and access to the brokerage multi activities. The portal of real estate ads will offer any buyer the package financing and insurance.
Brokers have the freedom to work with the partners of their choice. The offer includes a pack services monthly for the covers and statutory approvals, management tools, software packages, web portals, training, etc

The company thus responds to different profiles, for an exercise at home or in the agency, whose target is the individual or the company ; with the possibility of exercising the profession of real estate broker.

About FranchiseCourtier.com
European group for brokerage, he works with contractors on different stages of their projects, training in the start-up business. The one-stop shop for multi activity with the bank, insurance, and real estate, brings a real added value to its brokers and their clients. FranchiseCourtier.com is the leader in France in the brokerage sector multi-activity and multi-service, thanks to the richness and relevance of its offer : AssurBanques.com, BANCAssurances.com and BANCAssurimo.com. The Group has more than 40 dealers in France and is present in several countries : United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Morocco. It is focused on building a brokerage network international.
More information : w ww.franchisecourtier.com

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