Pyongyang showed the finger after the discovery of a fake ticket in the South

Undated Photo provided by the bank that south korea’s KEB Hana Bank on December 12, 2017, showing the head of his department anti-counterfeiting Yi Ho-Joong in the process of reviewing a fake $ 100 bill in Seoul (Photo handout. KEB Hana Bank)

A new fake $ 100 bill very nice bill has been discovered in South Korea, announced on Tuesday that officials in the banking sector, which raises fears that Pyongyang has not resumed its infringing activities.

A team of experts in the fight against counterfeiting within the KEB Hana Bank has confirmed the seizure in November in a bank agency in Seoul a fake $ 100 dollar bill nearly impossible to detect.

“This is the first of a new type of superbillet discovered in the world”, told AFP Yi Ho-Joong, an official of the bank.

The previous “superbillets” dated either 2001 or 2003. But it dates from 2006. It has been manufactured according to techniques and with the ink used for the real tickets.

“There need to be facilities worth $ 100 million to produce counterfeit bills of that quality and no criminal network do not invest as much to make fake tickets,” said this person.

“Only state organizations can afford this type of facility.”

The south Korean media have suggested that Pyongyang could have returned with counterfeit money, and this in order to bypass the international sanctions which weigh heavily on the north Korean regime because of its nuclear and missile programs.

But Mr. Yi stated that there was no evidence for the moment to prove that the counterfeit note had been produced in North Korea.

Many diplomats in north korea have in the past been made to take, with very beautiful copies of tickets to foreigners.

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