Purchase Scandic, the ÅF group, and Millicom, according to the latest issue of the Business world.

The two hotel company on the stock exchange, Rezidor and Scandic, has in recent years been developed in completely different directions. Scandic has since the listing in december 2015 has risen 70 per cent, it is booming and all the gauges are in the green.

The P/e ratio of 14 for this year is not challenging and riktkursen if a year is set to sek 141, write Business and recommend the purchase of the Scandic.

The investment company Lundbergs has the last ten years have increased the net asset value of approximately 9 percent annually. The stock is popular and is traded with a premium of just over 10 per cent. The hefty third of the portfolio which is real estate can hardly justify the premium, and the ability to överavkasta in the short run is limited, the newspaper and the council will await the.

ÅF is no bargain , but the share is still buyable like the Business world – despite the fact that the share price has more than tripled in value in five years. The company has a compelling history, a strong market and good prospects to get the profit to grow. Purchase up to 210 crowns a year, is the council.

Also, the Kinnevik tillväxtmarknadsoperatör Millicom is interesting, according to the newspaper. The company has a low score for a basically stable tillväxtmarknadsaffär and the council will buy with riktkursen 650 sek.

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