PTC deepened its partnership with BSA|The Software Alliance.

The purpose of this partnership is the fight against piracy and the promotion of the use of licensed software in the industry in Europe.

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Plano, texas, may 15, 2017 – PTC (NASDAQ : PTC) and the BSA|The Software Alliance are working together to promote the use of licensed software in the manufacturing sector in Europe. The BSA represents the first organization to fight against piracy in the world. It is regarded as a leader in the field of creation of public policies promoting technological innovation and economic growth.

The programs of the BSA promote technological innovations through civic initiatives and training that promote copyright protection, cyber-security, trade and e-commerce. The close partnership between the BSA and the PTC is based, in part, on initiatives of PTC, which are designed to implement operations to combat piracy. This strong alliance has the objective to protect the intellectual property rights of its users.

PTC offers a unique and innovative approach to the IoT and industrial industry 4.0, which builds on 30 years of experience in the field of creation of software of CAD and life cycle management (PLM), coupled with its position as a leader in the field of the IoT (Internet of Things). PTC has chosen the BSA, because it implements a zero-tolerance policy regarding software piracy. The BSA is an ally of choice for PTC, which works to promote innovative programs and partnerships, both public and private, in order to effectively protect its intellectual property.

PTC and the BSA will implement joint projects in order to encourage the use of licensed products within manufacturing companies in europe.
According to a study published in global Survey 2016 of the BSA, software 2016 Global Software Survey), 39 % of software installed on computers in the world in 2015 did not have licenses. This represents a slight improvement compared to the result of the global study conducted by the BSA in 2013, which was 43 %.

“The industrial sector did not benefit from any guarantee on the legal use of its products may miss some promising opportunities on the international market “, explains Walter Panza, Head of PTC EMEA Software License Compliance. “Over the past four years, the alliance between PTC and the BSA has helped to drastically reduce the number of PTC software being used illegitimately in the EMEA region, supporting the creation of a digital marketplace more secure and more compliant. ”

“We welcome the partnership between PTC and the BSA | The Software Alliance for the EMEA region,” said Georg Herrnleben, Senior Director, Compliance and External Affairs at BSA. “We share the same goal, namely the reduction in the number of software licence used, and the growth of the digital economy. The number of manufacturing companies investing in the digital transformation continues to grow, and we look forward to working with PTC in order to limit the use cases of software out license in this field. ”

Currently, PTC supports more than 28 000 companies in the world and, in many sectors : industrial equipment, automotive, high-tech and electronics, aerospace and defense, textile, consumer goods and medical devices. PTC faces a major challenge : very often, the professional sectors experiencing the greatest growth are also the ones who suffer the most from piracy. Thanks to the support of the BSA, PTC has been able to penetrate these markets, notwithstanding the high piracy rates. This has enabled it to strengthen its strategic initiatives and increase revenues.


About the BSA | The Software Alliance

He is the main spokesperson for the software sector at the global level, both among governments and in the international market. Its members are among the most innovative companies, creating solutions that can transform the economy and improve daily life.


PTC is a global provider of technologies dedicated to the Internet of things.
A pioneer in 3D design and digital PLM on the Internet, PTC now offers a platform combining Augmented Reality and IoT. These disruptive technologies, combined with the enterprise applications that have made the success of PTC, approximating the physical and digital worlds to be able to reinvent the way you create, operate and maintain the products. With PTC, the industry, partners and developers from around the world, can now take advantage of the IoT to develop the innovations of tomorrow.

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