PTC and Deloitte are working together to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of things and the innovations…

This alliance will help companies to design, deploy and manage solutions quickly IoT.

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Vélizy-Villacoublay, france, may 31, 2017 — PTC (NASDAQ : PTC) and Deloitte announce a collaboration to encourage customers to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of things (IoT) and the innovation in this field, thanks to the platform IoT industrial ThingWorx® PTC. Deloitte Digital and PTC will create and develop industrial solutions to allow customers to get more value from their investments in the IoT. In Europe, PTC, has signed a partnership recently with Deloitte Netherlands.

Initially, the solutions in IoT have been designed to facilitate the transformation of industrial operations in the manufacturing sector, the oil and gas industry, the sector of water/electricity, with the objectives of the rapid deployment of the monitoring, predictive maintenance, supply chain and digital solutions to factories connected. Among the other sectors of activity include the sale at retail, the consumer goods, healthcare, life sciences and smart cities.

“System integrators are one of the networks most successful experiment ThingWorx with a wide range of customers and promote its adoption,” explains Catherine Knifer, Chief Revenue Officer, Technology Platform Group, PTC. “Given the richness and scope of its service offering, Deloitte is a valuable partner that allows us to develop solutions for IoT innovative and offer them to our customers “.

The industrial approach to participatory , founded on the values of Deloitte Digital, as well as its global network and the richness of its offer of services, allow this major player to deliver on its promises in the area of IoT.

“Thanks to the platform ThingWorx to PTC, our teams can quickly connect to the machines, devices and sensors to take data and put the appropriate measures in place to provide added value and a return on investment in just a few weeks instead of several months or years,” said Robert Schmid, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LP, and Chief IoT Technologist, Deloitte Digital.

This alliance combines the technology, Digital Agility, Digital Transformation Network of Deloitte, the features and tools that developing IoT for the enterprise of ThingWorx. Digital Agility leverages technologies of IoT to manage the transformation of the company, at all levels.

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PTC is a global provider of technologies dedicated to the Internet of things.
A pioneer in 3D design and digital PLM on the Internet, PTC now offers a platform combining Augmented Reality and IoT. These disruptive technologies, combined with the enterprise applications that have made the success of PTC, approximating the physical and digital worlds to be able to reinvent the way you create, operate and maintain the products. With PTC, the industry, partners and developers from around the world, can now take advantage of the IoT to develop the innovations of tomorrow.

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