Proposed acquisition of the company OLYS

In accordance with its external growth strategy aimed at strengthening its offering and its position as a specialist high-tech, the Group RRCA announces it has entered into exclusive negotiations with the company OLYS, which operates the brand ” BIMP “.

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Apple distributor for individuals and professionals, OLYS has 14 branches including 7 stores Apple Premium Reseller on the French territory. It has 140 employees, of which 25 business listening to the professionals. In 2016, the Group OLYS has achieved a turnover of approximately€ 40 Million.

This acquisition, if concluded, would be highly complementary with the Group’s offering RRCA.

The signing of a memorandum of agreement on 100% of the capital of OLYS could intervene in the course of the next four months.

The status of this project of external growth will take place as soon as possible the subject of a new release.

“This acquisition is important at two levels,” says Laurent de la Clergerie. First of all, it strengthens our bond with the universe Apple, and balance our offers to deal calmly with the upcoming innovations in both PC world and MAC. In addition, the Group BIMP is widely present on the market BtoB and education, this will allow us to strengthen our offering in these sectors both at the level of products, services, and we will bring the experience gained in the field, for over thirty years, by their teams. ”

Next release :

On July 20, 2017 after market close, publication of the turnover for the 1st quarter of 2017 and 2018


The Group RRCA is one of the first companies that started selling online in 1997. Now a major player in the field of high-tech. 20 years, the Group RRCA operates across 12 sites, including 7 merchants, covering the field of computer technology, the high-tech and the universe of the house ; it has more than 700 employees.

Several times rewarded for the quality of its Relationship with Customers, recognized for the efficiency of its platform, integrated logistics, the Group RRCA has established itself as a benchmark of the online sales and developing a network of own stores or by franchise.

Today the leader of e-commerce over the computer market, and the high-tech, the Group RRCA strives to meet the growing needs in material and latest technology to individuals and professionals.

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