Profit sharing, participation: the executive wants to go one step further and enter the employees in the boards of directors

The government spokesman Christophe Castaner has estimated Monday, 16 October, that the incentive and equity participation in enterprises that want to revive Emmanuel Macron arrive at the input of employees in the boards of directors.

“This is one of the objectives of this project, replied Christophe Castaner to a question from BFMTV. “Yes because it is a matter of citizenship to break the relationship between the authority and the dependent”. “If we want to reassert the position of the employees in the company, it is necessary to change the governance”, he also said.

According to him, the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire, “will open the chat in the days, in the coming weeks”.

“The success of the business must be of benefit to all,” by the incentive and participation, ” added Christophe Castaner. “Today, there are 12 million French who benefit in the companies with more than 50 employees,” he pointed out, calculating that for them, this “is almost a 13th month on average, 2,000 and some euros”.

He considered that”it must go further” to companies with fewer than 50 employees, even if “we had primed the pump with the law of growth and activity scope by Emmanuel Macron”. “You need to see the enterprise agreements that may be, it’s part of the subjects that will be put on the table in the coming weeks,” he said.

“The idea is that all employees, including the employee of the bakery, a small commune in the Ubaye river at Barcelonnette” benefit, said the minister. “The remuneration, it must be made on the salary, which is guaranteed, obviously, but it may be complemented by collective effort in this small business.”

Sunday Emmanuel Macron had said he wanted “a real debate” in 2018 to “revisit this wonderful invention gaullist profit-sharing and participation”, that “all employees have their fair share when things are getting better.”

(with AFP)

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