Prodways Group, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces new technology Rapid Additive Forging …

On the eve of the International exhibition of Aeronautics and Space (SIAE) Paris-Le Bourget, Prodways Group, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces new RAF Technology (Rapid Additive Forging) for 3D printing of metal parts of large dimensions in titanium.

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The metal parts of large dimensions that are used for mission-critical applications, including titanium parts for aerospace applications, are based on manufacturing processes is expensive and slow, often using combinations of the techniques of forging and machining. Some of the titanium parts have to manufacturing lead times greater than 12 months and induce loss of material important.

Technology Rapid Additive Forging of Prodways Group is based on a continuous effort of R&D and strengthening of its offer to 3D print metal. The 3D printer developed implements a robot equipped with a head applicant of the molten metal in an inert gas atmosphere. The metal is thus deposited layer after layer and allows to obtain a piece of great dimensions in just a few hours. This innovative process allows you to make quick sketches of titanium parts close to the geometry of the final piece, which then undergo a simple finish machining. It allows, in addition, to reduce significantly the proportion of material is lost in the form of shavings, which can represent up to 95% of the metal block initial with the machining processes conventional.

Developed in collaboration with Commercy Robotique, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé specialist welding robot for more than 40 years, the RAF Technology is the subject of a patent filing in the name of Prodways Group.

This process has been tested on different metals, and in particular allows you to print from titanium, a metal whose use is increasing in the aircraft of new generation. The third generation of the prototype can already 3D print metal parts of over 70 centimeters. The current version of development would allow to print parts up to 2 metres from the primary dimension.

Compared to similar technologies developed by the actors of the market, technology, Rapid Additive Forging of Prodways Group uses technology to deposit metal distinctive focusing on the metallurgical quality and repeatability of the process. The first tests on the metallurgical quality of the parts show the absence of porosity and mechanical resistance superior to the techniques of 3D printing metal usual using the sintering of powder via laser or electron beam.

Several aviation stakeholders believe that this family of technologies could be applied to almost 50% of the titanium parts used in the manufacture of the aircraft and reduce up to 50% the cost of manufacturing certain parts.

Prodways Group will communicate regularly on the developments of this technology that has already attracted the interest of several industrial groups.

About Groupe Gorgé

Established in 1990, Group Gorgé is an independent group present in the high-technology industries. The Group is today active in the fields of security and protection in extreme environments as well as in the sector of 3D printing. During more than 25 years of history, Groupe Gorgé has always been able to develop and be an actor of technological innovation and industrial life of his time.

Intelligent systems of Safety : Develop innovative technological solutions and full for complex missions in hostile environments or forced.

Protection of Facilities at Risk : to Protect the men and to ensure active and passive protection facilities to the energy markets and on the industrial sectors and the tertiary sector in France. Ensure the maintenance of these protection systems.

3D printing : Helping the large industrial players in their innovations and production processes by providing systems, 3D printers and new materials premium.

The Group achieved a turnover of 281,2 Million euros in 2016. It is based on 1 800 employees and a presence in nearly 10 countries.

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Groupe Gorgé is listed on Euronext Paris and on the american market OTC in the form of ADRS.

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Compartment B.

ISIN Code: FR0000062671

Mnémo : GOE

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CUSIP code: 399451 103

ISIN Code: US3994511034


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