Press release from the Melker Schörling AB (publ): Annual general meeting 2017

Melker Schörling AB (publ) today announced that the annual general meeting voted to support all of the proposals presented at the meeting. These included, among other things:


Adoption of the income statement and balance sheet

The agm adopted the income statement and balance sheet as per december 31, 2016.



The general meeting decided in accordance with the board’s proposal to distribute a cash dividend of 3,60 sek per share be distributed to shareholders for the year 2016. The record date for the cash dividend is may 26, 2017 and the payment is expected to be made by Euroclear Sweden AB with start on may 31, 2017.


The board of directors and the auditor

The agm resolved to re-elect Melker Schörling, Mikael Ekdahl, Stefan Persson, Sofia Schörling Högberg, Märta Schörling Andreen and Carl Bek-Nielsen, and election of Georg Brunstam, and Carl-Henric Svanberg as directors of the company. Furthermore, the appointed the annual general meeting, Mikael Ekdahl chairman), and Sofia Schörling Högberg to the vice chairman of the board. Fees determined to be paid with sek 100,000 to each of the directors (including the chairman) who are not employees of the company. The annual general meeting resolved the re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers AB as auditor for the period until the end of the agm 2018. Remuneration to the auditor is paid according to approved invoices.


Authorization for the issuance

The annual general meeting decided to authorise the board of directors to, on one or several occasions during the period until the next annual general meeting, with or without deviation from shareholders ‘ preferential rights, resolve on a new issue of shares. The authorization shall also include the right to resolve on new issue of shares with a provision regarding in kind or share should be subscribed for with right of set-off or otherwise with conditions referred to in chapter 13, section 5 first paragraph 6 of the Swedish companies act. Through the decision with the support of the authorization, shall the number of shares to be increased by a number which corresponds to a maximum of 10 % of the outstanding shares.



The agm discharged the board members and the managing director be discharged from liability for the financial year 2016.


Net asset value

In his speech, indicated the executive director to the share’s net asset value after the close of trading as of 22 may amounted to sek 560 sek per share, an increase of 14% since the end of the year at the same time as the stockholm stock exchange have risen by 9 %.


It was also noted that the Gun Nilsson took office as PRESIDENT of the MSAB in connection with the annual general meeting.



Stockholm, sweden-23 may 2017



Melker Schörling AB (publ)



Additional information provided by the CEO, Gun Nilsson: 08-407 36 60

MSAB annual general meeting 2017

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