Press release from Richard Ferrand Minister of territorial Cohesion

An article published in The World of that day brings directly in question my honesty. Under the guise of objective reporting of situations, this article is of the amalgam and leaves all the implied but never demonstrated.

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I refute and condemn all the suspicion implied in this article.
The climate of suspicion maintained so that it continues is deeply damaging to our democracy when it is constantly reiterated, both by journalists themselves and by the prosecutors, that there is no scam or any illegality. The law provided that it must protect the citizens who would respect it fully.
I would like to respond point by point to the allegations that are being made because I have nothing neither to hide nor to fear from transparency.
As pointed out rightly in the article of the World, the current leadership of Mutual societies in Britain brings me under full support. The employees have also expressed to me their support, to acknowledge our common work that has helped to revive the Mutual Brittany, save jobs and create many new ones.
On my post of chargé de mission
It is precisely because of the good management of the Mutual of Britain that I led for 19 years, the general Assembly decided unanimously, out of my presence, for entrusting me with a mission with my successor, Ms. Joelle Salaun so that I can continue to bring my expertise and my knowledge of this company. I was accompanied by meetings of work regular my successor and the executive committee in the development of the strategic plan adopted by the board : for example, investments in the dental industry.
I’ve always kept to keep a professional activity which it may have been my mandates. I’ve always said to the HATVP (declaration available to the public). I have seen up to end of 2016 with a remuneration of 1,250 euros net per month.
I observed that hundreds of deputies and senators also maintain and sometimes fully their professional activity, which seems to me to be totally beneficial as opposed to those who didn’t live that policy.
On the so-called conflict of interest between my professional activity as project manager within the Mutual societies of Britain and my term in parliament
It is alleged to have participated in the debate on a proposal for a law in 2012 on the networks of mutuality. This proposal has been filed by the chairman of the group SRC, and all of the members who compose it, in accordance with the commitments of the campaign of François Hollande. If I intervened in Committee and in plenary to defend the principles of this text, I did not filed amendment.
Originally, this text has even been brought up and voted on by the UMP group before being censored (jumper legislative) by the constitutional council, in 2010.
Had I not defend a principle relevant, and in the sense of the general interest in the pretext that I am familiar with the subject ?
– Mr. Bernard Accoyer, who is a doctor, doesn’t he participated in all the debates on the draft law of health and of social security funding in years in which he served ?

– Demande-t-on to Mr. Christian Jacob not to intervene on the agricultural subjects due to his former presidency of the CNJA ?

– Ban to members who are doctors to vote on the budget of the social security ?

– Should there expressly to prevent judges and lawyers to serve on the commission of the laws ?

On the collaboration with Mr. Hervé Clabon
Mr. Hervé Clabon has been my collaborator parliamentary September 3, 2012 at 10 January 2014. However, the statement of interest to the HATVP date of January 25, 2014, the date on which Mr. Clabon worked so more with me and that is the reason why it is not listed on the statement.
In fact, he left his position because of serious health problems, it is precisely for this reason, that as I’ve already mentioned, I recruited my son as a replacement for 4 months, for a salary of 1.266,16 € net per month.
On the situation of Madame Coustal
I am separated Madame Coustal since 1993, and we are divorced since 1994. She has also worked for the Mutual of Britain after my departure from the Branch of Mutual of Britain that at the time I served as Director-general.
The first time that the Mutual had to call on its services, it was in 2002, so 8 years after our divorce. I’m obviously never stepped in until it gets a contract – I observe, moreover, that nothing is advanced in this sense. Madame Coustal lives in Brittany and the quality of his work is recognized. It is a service provider engaged by the different departments with each other. For all intents and purposes, as she was able to say, Mutual societies are only one customer among others in his activity.

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