Predominantly loss in closed Asia and the pacific benchmark stock index of

Predominantly loss in closed Asia and the pacific benchmark indexes on Monday, while the Korean peninsula is further emphasised were the geopolitical tensions in the traditional annual american-south Korean military exercises beginning with the.

In tokyo the 225 selected shares Nikkei index 0,37 percent, 19 398,50 point, more than three and a half month lows, with the broader Topix index and 0,14 percent, 1595,19 point. The oil stock increase could not compensate the car companies, the financial and the technology companies of the exchange rate fall.

Undermined the investors ‘ risk willingness of those doubts, too, that the american government will be able to economic plans to implement, while Donald Trump president and the business leaders among the continued deterioration of the connection in the last week virginia events. Some hope that the president redeemer controversial strategic advisor from Steve Bannon last week end. The news, however, concern should have been to Gary Cohn, the president’s chief economic advisor is leaving the White House staff.

The south Korean Kospi 0,14 percent loss in 2355 points closed, the foreign and the institutions investors profits. The benchmark australian index, the S&P/ASX 200 0,37 percent in the red, 5725,85 point to finish the day, especially in the health and telecommunication companies exchange rate fell.

In china, low-traffic increased in the share price. The shanghai stock exchange main index, the Shanghai Composite 0,56 percent, 3286,91 point, the shenzhen bourse’s main index, the Shenzhen Component Index and 0,71%, 10 689,77 point increased. The Shanghai and Shenzhen quoted 300 of the largest company’s CSI-300 index is 0.44 percent, 3740,99 point, advanced technology companies shares following the ChiNext index and of 0.41 percent, 1829,22 points crept up.

In particular, they have done well in the stock market recently since listed companies, of which more than twenty exchange rate of the daily limit in excess of jumped. For example, in Shenzhen, the BGI Genomics, the world’s largest genomics company, 10 percent, 131,63 yuan more expensive, and in the middle of July even 13,64 yuan on offer were shares in the stock market investors.

The China Unicom, China’s second-largest telekom’s company daily limit of 10 percent more expensive in Shanghai, after the chinese securities market supervision (CSRC) “exceptional cases” approved by the owners of an enlarged reform. The plan is based on more than egytucatnyi large companies, including Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu – share strategic investor in the state most of China unicom, in which 12 billion-dollar capital.

In hong kong, the benchmark index, the hang Seng 0,40 percent plus in 27 154,68 point closed.

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