Pimkie: the project of breaking the conventional collective “abandoned”

The project of breaking the conventional collective (RCC) in the chain of ready-to-wear women’s Pimkie, made possible by the ordinances on the labour code of September 2017, is “abandoned”, announced on Tuesday that the trade unions, objecting strongly to this device.

“In view of the announcements that have been made, found to be significantly insufficient, the CFDT will not go to” a project of breaking the conventional collective, which is accordingly “abandoned”, said Marie-Annick Merceur, of the CFDT, reached by phone during a suspension of negotiations at the headquarters of the company in Villeneuve-d’ascq (North). The CGT, FO and CFDT, the majority, have positioned themselves against this bill, which requires precisely the agreement of the majority unions, according to the CFDT. “We’re going to a method agreement for a plan of voluntary departures,” said his side Valerie Pringuez, of the CGT.

“A social plan in disguise”

The direction of the chain of ready-to-wear Pimkie, belonging to the galaxy Mulliez, was presented Monday to the elected staff a project of 208 job cuts via fractures conventional collective. This project, presented to the central Committee of the company met at the headquarters of Pimkie in Villeneuve-d’ascq (Nord), was the first application of a device created by “the ordinances Macron” reforming the labour code, published in September. These breaks treaty – which already existed at the individual level – allow a voluntary departure, according to a procedure less risky for the company, and a priori less restrictive than that of a backup plan of employment (PSE). They are conditional to the signing of an agreement of the majority with the unions, approved by the administration.

The directorate had presented the project, which was detailed on Tuesday during the first negotiations: the removal of 37 stores in three years, on 321 in France, and in the short term 83 jobs in-store, 41 logistics, 53 at international headquarters and 31 in the seat for France, located in Neuville-en-Ferrain (Nord). It is “a social plan in disguise,” had abounded the delegate of the central trade union of FO, Maley Upravan.

“If what drives us is not the general interest of Pimkie but fighting against the laws work so effectively may be that we’re not going to get to an agreement,” said the managing director of Pimkie, Eric Eddy, after the meeting.

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