Penalized by its price war, SFR encourages the consolidation of the sector

Since the beginning of the year, the price war has resumed in the telecommunications industry. Party to the reconquest of its customers, SFR is shown to be the most aggressive. The operator at the red square and white was innovative with its promotions ” to life “, offering mobile packages with 30 gigs of data at the unbeatable price of 5 euro per month. Up here, the operators limited the discount in the long term. “This price war is the highest in the history of telecom. It is known that there is no model on 30 gigs of data at 5 euros, ” says an operator.

First désarçonnée, the competition eventually fight back. Bouygues Telecom is well placed in the wheel of SFR, – replicating, by similar plans. Free (whose founder, Xavier Niel, is a shareholder of the World in a personal capacity) has proposed packages at a discounted price to 0.99 euro per month, but by limiting its promotion to a year. Only Orange, the number one sector is shown to be more reasonable.

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