Paris is holding its breath at the time of the choice of the future headquarters of the european banking Authority

Paris wants to believe in his chances. But without any warranty. In the same way as the seven other european cities, the capital of the habs is a candidate to host the headquarters of the Agency in european banking (EBA), obliged to leave London in march 2019 due to Brexit. While the choice must be made, Monday, November 20, there is no way to predict the winner at this stage. Besides Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brussels, Dublin, Vienna, Warsaw and Prague were put on the ranks to the July 31 deadline for filing his candidacy.

“We hope to win, but we have no visibility given the voting system,” acknowledges a source close to the Bercy. “Nobody knows what will come out on Monday night,” grant, several diplomats, who expect a long evening. At the end of the afternoon, the representatives of the countries will vote by secret ballot at a council of ministers for european affairs – without the Uk – it’s all about the Brexit.

The Council wanted the procedure as neutral as possible, to not let the capitals divide the face in London, then they are supposed to tighten the ranks in the negotiation of the Brexit. Each minister will have 6 points to distribute between 3 points for the city of his first choice, 2 points to his second choice, and one for his third. If, in the first round, a city won 3 points from 14 different countries, it will be immediately designated. Otherwise, another round of voting will be necessary.

Strong rivalry with Frankfurt

On the same day, the 27 will designate as the future host country of the Agency of the drug, the more coveted of the two european institutions, which must make their cartons : 19 cities have expressed interest in this entity which employs 900 people. This is Lille, which bears the French bid.

With 170 employees, the EBA represents a challenge much less in terms of jobs. This is one of three agencies created…

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