Paris, 2nd city the most attractive in Europe, according to the new classification Savills IM “Cities …

The index “Dynamic Cities” Savills IM analysis the attractiveness of european cities and their ability to anticipate the future, across 6 categories

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· Paris is among the 5 most dynamic cities in Europe, with London, Cambridge, Amsterdam and Berlin
· Second in the rankings, Paris superforme very widely european cities in 4 of the 6 categories, particularly in terms of infrastructure, innovation, interconnection and investment, and remains an undisputed reference for inspiration and inclusion

Paris, June 27, 2017 : According to the index of the “most dynamic Cities” published today by Savills Investment Management (Savills IM), Paris is the second city the most attractive in Europe. Ranked just behind London, but ahead of Cambridge, Amsterdam, Berlin and 125 other european cities, the French capital is known for its ability to anticipate major trends in urban areas.
As well, Paris stands out as one of the markets the most liquid in Europe, and enjoys a base of international investors diversified. In terms of” investment “Paris ranks in second position and is distinguished for its “green” buildings. In addition, in spite of a regulation of labour-binding, Paris is one of the cities that should benefit from Brexit and the relocation of financial institutions.
With its high urban population and good indicators in the digital connectivity, Paris is in second place in the category ” infrastructure “.
The” interconnection ” is also a strong point (number 2 ranking). In fact, with the infrastructure project of the Grand Paris, cross Paris and it promises to be an experience more safe and fluid in the future.
Another major asset of the” innovation ” is at the heart of the French capital (number 3 ranking) that also has academic institutions world-renowned and which generates a high number of new patents.

Laurent Vouin, head of investment, France and Benelux Savills ‘IM, comments on the results :” european cities are the most dynamic are those who are preparing for the future by creating an environment that encourages the growth of a ” knowledge economy “, which will stimulate in turn the creation of value. The report shows that the city size is not everything : while some megacities, like London and Paris to consolidate their dominant positions, to smaller towns such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Dublin or Stockholm, are well positioned to have a growing influence over the coming years and will become probably places more attractive for investment in real estate. ”
About Paris, he adds : “Paris draws its pin from the play, supported by a network of infrastructure is very well developed and an intense interconnectivity, including through the implementation of the Grand Paris. This urban development project will shape significantly the real estate market of the French capital in the coming years, while the planned development of the industrial basin of paris and the strengthening of the offer of public transport will offer new investment opportunities. Also, this ranking reveals the ability of Paris, always “innovative” and ” inspiring “, to attract talents, to adopting disruptive technologies, and to develop within the knowledge economy. ”

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