Our “personal data” we belong to : monétisons !

Forum. By what a strange renunciation, we become the flesh of algorithms ? Every day, we surrender a part of ourselves to the digital platforms, baited by the illusion of the free. Our personal data the most intimate, about our tastes, our movements or our loves, are passed through the mill, collected, aggregated, often resold, and ultimately used to guide and control our behaviour.

By clicking on conditions of use léonines, that we don’t have the time or the ability to read, much less understand or negotiate, we run to our voluntary servitude. The Web giants are building their fortune on the bodies of our identity.

Because it is urgent to restore our most fundamental values, we advocate for introducing a patrinomy of personal data. Despite received ideas, the right to property has always been a social conquest to restore the balance of power to the benefit of the individual and his freedoms.

The land registry in the patent, the property guarantees, according to the roman adage, usus, abusus and fructus, making us fully masters of ourselves and of our actions, protected from the arbitrary will of the powerful. This is why Proudhon could write in Theory of property, by going back on his about of youth, that ” property is the greatest revolutionary force which exists “. After the earth and the ideas, the time has come to extend this revolutionary force in our data.

Design of intelligent contracts and adapted

This simple addition legal, that does not exist today either in Europe or in the United States, would be enough to upset the ecosystem of the digital. Each could choose independently the use he wishes to make of its data, according to their nature and their purpose. One could thus access some of the services without sharing its own data,…

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