Ordered by Attac to ” pay taxes “, Apple’s response

“This is what we call a procedure “gag”, an action that aims to prevent us to publicly demonstrate against tax evasion “, to carry with Dominique Plihon, a spokesman for Attac. The association, which contests since 1998, ” the power taken by the finance on the peoples and nature “, will celebrate its 20 years into a singular. On December 21, 2017, Apple has assigned to proceedings before the tribunal de grande instance of Paris, in response to the actions carried out in a thirty Apple Stores by the end of the year. Deploying banners and slogans, the activists demanded from the multinational company that it ” pays its tax “.

The giant californian target, in particular, the action carried out in his shop in the Opera area in Paris. On December 2, 2017, ” 70 activists have invaded brutally [this] Apple Store, which was full of customers doing their shopping for the holidays year-end. In the Face of this demonstration of strength, ( … ), Apple has been forced to evacuate and close the store for several hours, “explains the assignment, which ensures” that Attac has also vandalized several other stores “. “Our actions are non-violent, good-natured, and face to face,” and denies Dominique Plihon.

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