Orange, official supplier and partner of innovation of International of Tennis of Roland-Garr…

New experience of virtual communication management connected to the mobility of vehicles on the tournament, follow-up of the crowd in the stadium thanks to the 4G and the technology LoRa®. Orange and the French Tennis Federation make this year’s Roland-Garros a real field of innovation.

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For the 16th consecutive year, the women and the men in Orange put their know-how at the service of athletes and visitors to Roland Garros for them to experience a digital single.

Holotennis, a world first in the field of sport is connected and the communication of tomorrow
In exclusivity, thanks to the power and quality of its fiber network, Orange, in partnership with the French Tennis Federation, will allow visitors to Roland Garros to dive into the heart of an experience of teleportation novel.
Holotennis, new virtual reality experience, will allow the player equipped with a VR helmet HTC Vivid, exchanging bullets with another player remotely. Ported virtually on the court Philippe Chatrier modeled in 3D, the two players will be a hologram, and will thus be able to interact and play together tennis. For the development of this experience, Orange has relied on the expertise of Emissive and the technology developed by Mimesys which uses a camera of 3D depth.
Already involved in the field of virtual reality, for Orange, this experience foreshadows what will be the future of the sport and communication services.

A mobility connected and innovative

Orange Business Services, via OCEAN, the subsidiary of Orange specializing in fleet management solutions, eco-driving and location-based, is associated with Free2Move, the 100% mobile in the PSA Group, and PEUGEOT, to provide innovative solutions for the supervision and management of the races in real time.
More than 200 vehicles PEUGEOT have been connected to ensure the better management of the movements of players, VIPS, officials, and the public. The application GéoMissions OCEAN facilitates the work of the manager of the fleet and helps to increase the responsiveness and efficiency of the service proposed move on the tournament.
This partnership between Orange and Roland-Garros also provides, on an experimental basis, the possibility for drivers to take and manage the races simply and safely thanks to a device of a duplication of the smartphone screen to the car screen of the vehicle. This experiment opens up a huge potential for all the trades concerned in the management of racing, transport of goods, or in areas of intervention and assistance.

An optimized management of traffic on Roland-Garros

Orange relies on a number of networks deployed in the stadium for connected objects and collect data : a 4G network and a network dedicated to the internet of things (IoT) technology using LoRa®.
As well, boxes that are connected will allow hosts and hostesses to assess and to raise the occupation rate of the stands of some short. Other boxes will be positioned in many areas of the stadium and measure, automatically and in anonymous and in real-time the flux of the visitors allow a better management of queues.
On the other hand, equipped with sensors of vibration, floor mats, connected, will be installed at the entrances to the short 17 to count the number of passages and provide a there is also the organization the number of available places on the court. Finally the terminals of satisfaction will also be installed in certain places of the stadium, allowing the teams of the French Tennis Federation to intervene immediately if necessary.
With these devices connected, it is the experience of the visitors that we will be able to improve.

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