Orange Business Services launched its new public cloud and reinforces its global offer …

Orange Business Services announces the launch of its new public cloud “Flexible Engine” in France, and its new offer management applications and services expertise while reaffirming its commitment to its platform, Cloudwatt the public cloud service in France for the labelling SecNumCloud of the ANSSI.

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To carry out their transformation to a digital one, companies face a double challenge : to ensure the evolution of their Information System (is) and to develop applications more flexible and agile to respond to new uses.

Orange Business Services ensures the issue of flexibility in rewarding its platforms, private, public, and hybrid a new public cloud global in scope and associates a catalog of comprehensive services, now available to all French companies after a launch to the international last February.

A new range of services to facilitate the migration of businesses to the cloud

The start-up in France of this new service offering strengthens the supporting companies in their transformation towards the cloud and the management of their applications. Available, regardless of the cloud infrastructure – public, private or hybrid, these new services respond to new business challenges :

Determine the optimal model of migration of applications to the cloud and deploy it. Orange Business Services meets this requirement with an offer of “Cloud Expert Services” in full : since the audit, the study of compatibility cloud, through design, until the implementation of the migration project.
Facilitate the management of applications in the cloud. The companies are accompanied by experts of the transformation cloud in their IT strategy and operations of their infrastructure and support their operational applications. They can also delegate the management to Orange Business Services.
Provide innovative solutions to implement new development practices. Companies benefit from a set of solutions Platfform as a Service (PaaS) and automation tools developed by Orange Business Services to accelerate the development, deployment and updating of their applications.
A new platform for the public cloud available from anywhere in the world

Orange Business Services expands in France its new public cloud service in the world : “Flexible Engine “. It is aimed at companies of any size, both for their needs cloud domestic support for their international activities. Built in partnership with Huawei, “Flexible Engine” is marketed, operated by Orange Business Services and fully secured by the experts at Orange Cyberdefense. Its infrastructure is already deployed in France and in Asia, it will be available in North America and in Northern Europe by the end of the year and then in Africa in 2018.

A new goal for the platform, Cloudwatt : labelling SecNumCloud

Orange Business Services is pursuing its ambition of making Cloudwatt public cloud sovereign of reference, for example, to meet the needs of institutional investors. This is why Orange Business Services is directed towards the achievement by 2018 of the label SecNumCloud of the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) for its platform, Cloudwatt.

“The needs to support cloud businesses are both global and local, public and private, this is why we wanted not only to develop a new global supply is able to support businesses in all the geographies where their operations lead them with unique services regardless of the infrastructure chosen, but also strengthen our offering of public cloud sovereign in France, aiming to achieve the highest level of certification to meet the challenges of economic actors and national public in particular,” said Philippe Laplane, managing Director of Orange Cloud for Business the entity dedicated to cloud computing for Orange Business Services.

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