Orange and SFR have reached an agreement in the very high-speed

Has daggers drawn for months, Orange and SFR have finally found a compromise in the very high-speed. At the heart of the showdown were the medium-sized cities. According to an agreement dating back to 2011, the incumbent operator is expected to deploy fibre to 90 % of these territories, which covers 12.7 million taken plug-in.

Since its acquisition by Patrick Drahi, SFR has decided to accelerate into the fiber, and calls to Orange, a new division of this area. For a long time, the historical operator has resisted this development, arguing that it was already in the area. However, under pressure from the government, which pushes for improved coverage at the level of medium-sized cities, he has tempered his enthusiasm.

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Binding commitments

Thus, according to our information, SFR retrieves the 1.2 million additional plugs in addition to the 1.4 million that it is already supposed to build. In fine, in medium-sized towns, it will connect 20 % of households, compared to 10 % currently. This market share is certainly far away from its initial ambitions, to learn a new distribution, in equal shares. But Orange had already advanced his pawns everywhere, and, to reach this agreement, the operator has even returned to the mark in the square red and white for tens of millions of euros taken previously constructed.

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