Operation seduction of LVMH with young graduates

While the labour market framework sets out again strongly on the rise, attracting the best young graduates is becoming increasingly strategic for the recruiters. Companies, like l’oréal, Microsoft, or Decathlon, multiplying the operations of seduction and take care of their employer brand. Besides the traditional forums, job sites or in quarries, they put in place large-scale events, in the form of “serious game” or olympic games, which are invited to participate in the future of young graduates.

“Nothing like the value of the experience and exchange to inspire future young graduates to join us” Chantal Gaemperle, HR managers from the LVMH group

If the methods vary from one company to another, the goals are the same : to make it available to future graduates an experience that is different and attractive, boosting their relationships with schools and universities to attract the best profiles on all of the trademarks and business of the company. It is as well as the may 3, LVMH received, at the headquarters of the LVMH group in Paris, two hundred students from fifty high schools and universities in europe, in the framework of an ambitious program, Inside the LVMH Program, which was launched in January.

The luxury giant has recruited 7 500 young graduates and trainees in the world this year. The group benefits from strong brands and prestigious and already receives many spontaneous applications, but for Chantal Gaemperle, the HR managers of the group : “there’s nothing like the value of the experience and exchange to inspire future young graduates to join us. This program allows a mutual enrichment between representatives of the generation of millennials and our managers. “

Fields of expertise

Through a digital platform, students who have participated in Inside LVMH Progam have been able to discover the issues of the luxury industry and the various business lines of the group, staged in a series…

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