Once again, the International Tisza fish festival presents staged in Szeged

Once again, the International Tisza fish festival presents was held in Szeged on 1 September, and several thousand guests are expected from Hungary and from across the border.

The three-day gastronomic parade is on, everyone can sample the hungaricum title tisza clam chowder – said the event program presentation at Thursday’s press conference, Frank Alexander Venesz-winning master chef. He betrayed you, too, for the excellent szeged fish soup secret that different types of fish bone in use and stock are prepared, in which a thorough passzírozás after cooking the fillet of fish.

Friday afternoon fun programs starting event on the second day, Saturday the újszeged coast bath on amateur and master chefs, family and corporate teams, politics, public life and sports a prominent person of the venture to show halászléfőző can. The eighty group, goulash-kettle of filling the Tisza-beach.

The river of szeged on the side of the event organiser fisherman’s tavern on the water tower to set up a giant cauldron in the fish juice, these are among the biggest 3500 litres. The area’s other fishing inn the characteristic “szögedi hallé” next to fried catfish, süllővel, keszeggel, haltepertővel, carp horseshoes and catfish stew with are cooked to order.

It is tradition that the szeged Somogyi library exhibition related to the gastronomic festival, this year the public collections of the Monday open exhibition in the 1970s-80s famous szeged restaurant of fish supply. The audience is easy – and folk music concerts, dragon boat festival, children’s programs, and fireworks entertained.

The festival with a charity initiative is also connected. These are among the most spectacular are the Szeged Cathedral, Rotary Club rubber duck race promises to be the Tisza. The revenue from one traffic szeged t-junction fitted to the blind and gyengélátók transport assistance audible warning device.

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