“On the coffee market, the ambitions are without filter “

 Chronic raw Materials. We knew the french fries or the french toast. But the tray of breakfast would not be complete without the french press coffee. These examples prove it. France shines through export in the countries of anglo-saxon know-how which it sometimes ignores even the existence. We will comment on not french kiss…

The french press coffee, since it is from him, is a coffee prepared with a coffee press. A first patent would have been filed by two inventors French in 1852. The collective memory did not retain their name. But it is an Italian that will transform the idea into reality”, industrial and corporate English and Danish that the populariseront.

The french press, but also the cold brew, brewed coffee, cold or even the simple filter coffee are the stars of the establishment showcase that comes to offer Lavazza in Milan. A symbol for the specialist in Italian espresso. The battle of the coffee takes place at the global level and the competitors are kindly requested to respond to new fashions and tastes of consumers in the four corners of the planet.

In fact, on the coffee market, the ambitions are without filter. Latest instalment of this saga burning, the purchase of Ready-to-eat by JAB, the investment fund of the billionaire German family Reimann. Acquisition, unveiled on Tuesday, may 29. To grab this coffee chain, born in Britain, as its name suggests, JAB would have paid 1.7 billion euros.

Record harvest in Brazil

New blank check for the small black. The family Reimann has already invested more than 25 billion euros to carve out an empire in the café since 2012. The point of putting pressure on the world’s market leader, Nestlé, known for its iconic brands Nespresso or Nescafé. The swiss decided to replicate by forging an alliance with…

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