On 20 August throughout the country expected rain

The whole country is expected to rain on Sunday, the state foundation day, the national Weather Service on Friday afternoon Facebook page.

The meteorological service of short’s prospectus confirmed that the weekend will surely reach the country of the surging cold front. Prior to this, however, is still Saturday in most of the country’s gonna be a scorcher, the cooling in the western counties begin.

According to the forecast on Saturday, the lowest temperature is usually 16 to 21 degrees between likely, but the North-central mountain valleys of up to 14 degrees, also it can get cold in the air. The highest temperature is largely 31-36 degrees expected, but in the northwest 30 degrees below.

On Sunday, the coldest hours in 14 to 20 degrees. The living room ceiling is expected to be 18-25 degrees between (the permanently overcast, rainy places will be the coolest, the trans-tisza region on the east side and 25 degrees above the hotter the air).

The meteorological service of response of between – addressed that on Sunday across the country, it’s going to rain, but not at the same time everywhere. The day in the first half of the Transdanubia and central counties may fall later in the east – torrential rain, a thunderstorm can be. In the evening hours mainly in the country’s eastern third may precipitate.

The wind is usually strong (40-55 km/hour), but the western part of the country and perhaps in the northeast in some places stormy (60-65 miles/hour) gusts can be. On Sunday, the Violent-Peaceful lane may be the least windy area – wrote the weather service, but they pointed out: the situation may vary, so it is recommended to navigate to the weather service’s website, where the forecasts and threat alerts with Budapest and lake Balaton, lake Velence, lake Tisza weather from separate sites to find out more.

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