Ogury won the Grand Prix of Growth Companies in 2017

Paris, June 7, 2017 – Ogury, specialist data on mobile, won the Grand Prize of the Growth Companies in the category ” French Entrepreneurs to the international “. This trophy is the reward for the sustained development of the activities of Ogury in France as well as internationally.

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Created in partnership with the ministry of Economy and Finance, the Grand Prix Business Growth rewards French companies that have experienced a strong increase of their turnover over the past three years.

Supported by many institutional investors, including the Medef, Growthco and the CGPME, the Grand Prize selects more than 200 companies in order to encourage the boldness, the ambition and the leadership that they demonstrate.

“The sustained growth of our revenue enables us to continue the rapid development of our offerings and of our solutions, continue to double our numbers each year and extend our global coverage,” says John Canzoneri, CEO and co-founder of Ogury.

After Paris, London, Milan, Rome and Madrid, Ogury is launched on the u.s. market late last year with the opening of an office in New York, then in Chicago and Los Angeles.

About Ogury
Ogury is the platform for mobile data that allows access to the data of the behavioral profiles of more than 300 million mobile users worldwide in more than 120 countries. Ogury is the only specialist of the given offering a truly comprehensive overview of what people are doing on their mobile devices within or outside of the applications. By harnessing the power of this unique knowledge, Ogury offers to brands and publishers unique solutions of monetization, targeting, analytics, and CRM, which significantly improve the mobile experience of consumers. Founded in 2014, Ogury has international offices in Paris, New York, London, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Chicago and Madrid, and works with the largest agencies in the media as well as brands and publishers, and prime international. Its proprietary technology of data collection is integrated into thousands of applications.

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