Of incubators for farmers beginners

This project is one of four candidates selected by The World and Finansol to apply for the prize ” Coup de cœur du public “, in the framework of the Grand Prix of the solidarity finance 2018. Internet users have until October 5, midnight to vote. The award ceremony will take place on 5 November at the Maison des métallos, Paris.

How to know if your farming project is viable when it is not the child of farmers, that we do not have a plot of land to be trying to do a job that we don’t know, or that we don’t have tools to work the land or set up a breeding. Like incubators, “Islands Farmers” is an incubator for farmers in the Auvergne region.

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Vote for the price “blow of heart” of the Grand prix of solidarity finance

In a “space Agricultural Test” the apprentice farmer is experimenting with its capacity to produce, market and manage a farm operation by limiting his risk taking. The association “Islands farmers” provides : a legal framework for the exercise of the test of activity and means of production (land, equipment, buildings, working capital, partner network, services, schedules, etc.).

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