Oeneo : strengthening of the management and running of the group

The group Oeneo announces today that an internal evolution of its operational management being conducted on a proposal of Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil, Director General of the group. This capacity management aims to continue with effectiveness the dynamic growth of the group, whether internal or external, as well as the optimization of its financial performance.

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Gregory Chové, Deputy General Manager of the cooperage at Seguin Moreau since 2011, is appointed Assistant General Manager of Development and Finance of the group Oeneo. Gregory Chové will be in charge of the steering of potential mergers and acquisitions group, focused in particular on the development of new innovative products and services and/or on the strategic enhancement of market share and improving profitability. He will oversee from now on the group’s financial results and will work in close collaboration with Philippe Doray, Administrative and Financial Director of the group.

Nicolas Mahler-Besse, General Manager of Seguin Moreau since 2011, is appointed Director of the Division of livestock Breeding. It will continue to drive the development of Seguin Moreau, the first global brand in the Cooperage, and will also support the operational management of the activities Vivelys Woody and France, assisted by the Deputy Director General of the group Vivelys. This appointment fits perfectly into the group’s strategy, which aims to strengthen fully the synergies between the brands and to accelerate the development of a global offer of high value-added, unique on the market, with winemakers from around the world.

This evolution will be accompanied by a proposed change of location of the headquarters of the group from Paris to Bordeaux, subject to the approval of the next General Assembly, in order to strengthen the proximity with a large part of the ecosystem of the group, its customers, its operational teams and the major centres of research and development.

“Our group confirms its ambitions for development in the coming years,” comments Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil, Director General of the group. The strengthening of our operational management fits perfectly into this strategy and aims to be able to type, optimally all of the growth opportunities available to us. Oeneo has today all the qualities to become the reference player in the sector, thanks to our positioning on the entire value chain for wine. ”

The group Oeneo will publish on 25 July 2017 AFTER stock EXCHANGE

its revenue for the 1st quarter of the fiscal year 2017-2018.

About the Group OENEO

OENEO is a major player in the wine industry, thanks to its premium brands and innovative. Present in the world, the group covers all steps of the wine-making process, with two divisions, major and complementary :

The Capping, with the manufacturing and marketing of cork stoppers; technological, high added value with the range DIAM, technical and natural with the range Piedade,

Livestock, by providing them with Seguin Moreau solutions upper-end wine or spirits for leading market players and developing, in conjunction with Vivelys innovative solutions at the service of the wine (R&D, consulting, systems).

With passion, our solutions help to develop, nurture, preserve and enhance the wine or the spirits of each winemaker, passing their emotions and enhancing their performance.


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