Norwegian between Paris and the west Indies : it heats up really up for 2018 !

Norwegian brand its a small area in Paris. While Level, the brand low-cost long-haul Iberia, a subsidiary alongside British Airways, Vueling and Aer Lingus group, IAG, is preparing its arrival in Paris the next year, and that Air France finalizes the creation of a subsidiary low cost in the hope that the drivers validate, Norwegian, the largest low-cost long-haul european, decided to mount to power at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, where it operates since July 2016 flights to the United States at very attractive rates.

Three new lines at least the next year

After having already announced an increase of offers for this summer, the Norwegian company announced today the opening of three new lines at the start of Paris: Newark in February 2018, which, combined with the service of New York JFL, will offer two flights daily to New York, Oackland California in April 2018 and Boston in may 2018, both with four flights per week. This is obviously not finished.

“New routes to the United States will be announced in a few weeks “, said on Wednesday Thomas Ramdahl, chief commercial officer of Norwegian, coming to Paris.

Destinations other than the United States are also in the pipes. Several times referred to the hypothesis of a launch of lines between Paris and the west Indies to be precise.

“I hope at the beginning of the winter season 2018/2019,” said Thomas Ramdahl. What is upsetting a market already highly competitive with the presence on this route, Air France, Air caraibes, Corsair and XL Airways. To ensure its long-range program to Roissy, Norwegian will have the next year of 4 Boeing 787, “5 if we open the west Indies,” said Thomas Ramdahl.

28 new 787 Aircraft between 2017 and 2020

The French companies are prevented. Norwegian is only at the beginning of its development in France. Regardless of the pace of growth, the carriers traffic will have to rely on the long-haul su an increased presence of the low-cost Norwegian. Twenty-eight Boeing 787 will enter the fleet between 2017 and 2020, which can be added from 2019, the first A321 Neo LR.

“We look at the seasonal flights in the summer between New York and Los Angeles to Nice. We will also look at flights to the Usa departing from provincial cities such as Bordeaux, which will be operated by A321 Neo LR “, explained Thomas Ramdahl.

Asia, Latin America, are also cited. “Generally, what we do at London Gatwick can be duplicate in Paris,” he argued.

Traffic rights

Provided they get the traffic rights. This will happen in all cases, for the servicing of the Asean countries. The european Commission negotiates with the association of nations of southeast asia, an aviation agreement will allow any european carrier to serve these countries at the outset of any country in Europe. And even if Norway is not a member of the european Union, it is integrated with Europe in the field of air transport.

To feed passengers to its long-haul flights departing from certain airports, the Norwegian is in discussion with Ryanair and Easyjet in order to provide passengers the short and medium-haul. As said at the Paris Air Forum Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian, an agreement could be signed by the end of the year. Thomas Ramdahl has not said that Paris was not contained therein.

Creation of a PNC in order to Paris

With this development in Paris, the Norwegian intends to increase the number of drivers based with a contract under French law. The number of 26 today, they should ” be more than 100 in 2018 “. With the perspective to have five aircraft in Paris next year, the company refers to ” the ability to do the same thing with the hostesses and stewards “.

The response of the companies classic

In the Face of the response of the companies classic, Norwegian remains serene. If it is not poured out on the project, Air France still suspended with the agreement of the drivers, Thomas Ramdahl is estimated that the Level has serious advantages to succeed, in particular because of the market power of the companies in the group-IAG and the ability to take advantage of these last slots on airports forced to do so. However, he says, it will suffer, as all entities low-cost within company classic, to rubbing that will occur sooner or later with the house-mother. “There is a risk of cannibalization” of the activity of the parent company by the subsidiary. With behind the threat of transfers of activity from the first to the second, and all the social tensions in the key. If the low-cost is positioned on the road the less lucrative, precisely to avoid coming to compete with the mother house, it will take an economic risk.

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