Nordea intends to take a decision on the resident before the summer.

Nordea has the ambition to before the summer, to take a decision on where the bank shall have its head office.

”Then we’ll see how we define the summer,” said Nordea’s ceo Casper von Koskull at the seminar DI bank and added to the european summer does not begin until August.

Shortly after the government’s announcement last winter that the banks ‘ resolutionsavgift is planned to be increased stated Nordea bank is considering moving the headquarters from Sweden as a result of the government’s plans. So far the government has not given information about whether they intend to go ahead with the avgiftshöjningen.

Nordea is prepared to take a decision on where the headquarters should be and to communicate it before the Swedish government has set the bottom of the foot in the resolutionsavgiftsfrågan?

”I have to do övervägningen and resolutionsavgiftsfrågan is not the only issue. It is not the only one that drives it here. Whether it comes into play, and how much, I can not say, therefore, that there is an uncertainty in the timing,” said Casper von Koskull to reporters.

It could be considered ostrategiskt to say that you intend to stay in Sweden before the government has set the bottom of the foot around the resolutionsavgiften, since it would leave the field open for the government to raise the fee?

”It may be so, but I shall not speculate. I’ll do a thorough, non-emotional investigation, and then, of course, make a decision and it is clear that if I do not have all of the essential components to make the decision, I can’t do it, but if I think I have it – then I’m doing it. And I don’t know until I’ve done the work,” said Nordea chief.

A possible interpretation of your timetable be that you are inclined to move from Sweden regardless of what happens in resolutionsavgiftsfrågan?

”I don’t want to interpret,” says Casper von Koskull.

At DI Bank turned Casper von Koskull against what he described as three myths about Nordea: that the bank would constitute a threat to Sweden’s economy, that the bank would be överlönsam and that the bank would be under-taxed.

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