New York, jfk international airport relies on Thales to strengthen its security

The John F. Kennedy international airport (JFK) is upgrading with Thales, the world leader in airport security, the security operations centre of the Terminal 4 through intelligent solutions in the field of security. This three year contract is part of a broader project of modernisation of the security in terminal 4 designed to strengthen the knowledge of the security status of this terminal.

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Key Points
Thales has won a contract to provide the Terminal 4 in JFK a platform of integrated security and engineering services dedicated to airport security.
This three-year agreement provides for extensive upgrades of the security situation in the whole of Q4, while improving the passenger experience.
This contract represents an important milestone in the growth of global activities of Thales in the field of security and management of airport activities.

Thales will provide a centre of control of airport operations, or AOCC – Airport Operation Control Center), providing the necessary tools to make security management and operations more consistent and more effective within the terminal. A control center/command provided by Thales will strengthen the overall vision of the operators on the operations of the terminal using the information collected from the different sub-systems. It will thus allow for a better responsiveness of the security staff in case of emergency.

For the next three years, Thales will be responsible for the integration of the global system in cooperation with the different stakeholders of the airport, and will provide engineering services, dedicated to airport security.

In 2015, terminal 4 of JFK – the first and only terminal north american privatized and operated by JFKIAT, LLC, has come to the end of a project of expansion and renovation of several years and several billion dollars of investment to meet the expectations in terms of growth. This terminal is the largest and the most frequented of JFK, with more than 20.6 million travellers each year.

The contract with Thales allows to ensure the performance of the safety device of the terminal through the acquisition of leading-edge technologies in the field of security. These technologies will enable the terminal to respond to the growing number of passengers and provide the passengers with destination to or from New York the perfect experience within the Terminal 4.
JFK is recognized as one of the five busiest airports in the United States and ranks among the 15 busiest airports in the world.

Terminal 4 at JFK complements the long list of airports, world-first system in which the security is provided by Thales, such as Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Durban, Muscat and Salalah, Singapore, Pisa and Lyon.
Marc Darmon, executive vice president of Thales information systems and secure communication said, ” Thales has the ambition to provide comprehensive solutions of security that ensure the continuity and effectiveness of client’s operations.
As an international player in the field of airport security, with references to the global level, Thales is a trusted partner that assists operators in the deployment of smart solutions in airports to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of security and safety. ”
“Airport security is a key element for all aspects related to transport, because it affects the tourism, airlines and the local economy. The security solution deployed within JFK is a solution that has proven successful at other airports first in the world ranking, including those who are among the most important in terms of flow of passengers. ”

David Scruggs, Vice-president of business development for the activities of Thales in the United States

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