Netflix, the new mogul of Hollywood

While the case of Weinstein doesn’t illuminate the dark corners of the backstage of the cinema, another earthquake is shaking Hollywood : the arrival of new nababs. They call Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Netflix and the promise of pouring more money into the sector than it has ever received in its history. Alone, Netflix is expected to produce by 2018 more films than the three largest american studios put together : Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures. And these films, you will never see them at the cinema ! They will be the exclusive property of the one that we saw, ten years ago, as a simple renter of videotapes, Netflix.

The latest quarterly figures, published on Monday (16 October), by the company, provide vivid demonstration of the changeover in progress. The total number of subscribers has now reached 104 million in the world, its turnover increased by 30 % and is expected to exceed 12 billion dollars (10.2 billion euros), its profits have tripled in a year, and, finally, its forecasts of investment are huge. In 2018, the firm expected to spend nearly $ 8 billion to buy content and produce own : series, like the Narcos, his last success, but also movies and shows of all kinds. It is four times more money than the world reference in the field of television, the encrypted string HBO, creator of Game of Thrones.

Steamroller of the Internet

Netflix has invented a new media, the success of which threatens both the world of television and the cinema. The traditional channels have worried. More and more Americans are moving away from the cable, subscribe to Netflix, which offers a choice and an ergonomically unknown until now. Not like a faucet to videos, as initially considered, but as a true offer of exclusive content, concurrent…

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