Netflix agrees to release three of his films at the cinema first

To mollify the Academy of the Oscars, Netflix did an about-face. For the first time, the video platform us going to release three of his films on the big screen even before the offer to its more than 140 million subscribers. A concession announced on 31 October that hopes to the company, would enable him to win his first statuettes in February 2019. And also attract renowned directors, who attach great importance to the rewards.

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According to the specialized press, Roma is a challenger serious to the Oscars. The latest feature film by the mexican Alfonso Cuaron, already sacred for best director in 2014, with Gravity, will be launched in cinemas on 21 November, three weeks before its availability on Netflix. This time will be one week for the other two films : The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, and the Bird Box, with Sandra Bullock as headliner.

A Boycott of the Cannes film Festival

Several films produced by Netflix have already been screened in independent cinemas american. But until now, the company required that their output takes place on the same day as their release on their platform.

A condition unacceptable to the major chains of movie theaters, which require a window of exclusivity for 90 days. In addition, these theatrical releases were very limited, serving only to make feature-length films eligible for the Oscars.

The timeline imposed by Netflix ruffling the world of cinema. In the beginning of the year, the company had boycotted the Cannes film Festival after a tightening of rules that exclude their films from the official selection. The previous month, the american film director Steven Spielberg had lobbied for the works produced by the video platform will not be eligible for the Oscars.

In taking a step towards Hollywood, the group hopes to improve its reputation among members of the Academy. None of his feature films has not yet been nominated for a statuette for best film, director, actress and actor. As many prestigious awards which legitimize further its ambitions in the cinema.

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