Net unemployment declines in November

The movement of the yo-yo continues, but the downside is, this time, more marked than the rise that had preceded it. According to statistics made public Wednesday, December 27, by job center and by the ministry of labour, the number of unemployed with no activity (category A) decreased in the metropolitan area of 29 500, in November, to a bit more of 3,454 million (–0.8% in a month after + 0.2 % in October).

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The phenomenon continues, however, at high levels, especially if one takes into account the people who are looking for a job, which was to exercise a reduced activity (categories B and C) : their numbers, added to those who have no work, lie around 5,611 million in the Hexagon, is a very small reflux of 0.1% in a month (– 0.6 per cent quarter-on-quarter but up 2.6 % over the twelve-month period).

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