Net neutrality : the revolt of California against the regulator of u.s. telecom

California does not intend to comply with the end of Net neutrality, and wants everyone to know. On August 31 the Assembly in california approved a bill designed to restore, and even enhance, this principle was abolished in June at the initiative of the White House. Introduced in 2015 by the Obama administration, the Net neutrality banned previously for telecom operators to curb the traffic to certain platforms very bandwidth intensive – such as YouTube and Netflix – or to pay more for their users.

Friday, September 14, the tension is rising a notch between the State of california and the federal communications Commission (FCC), the regulator of the telecoms who voted for the repeal of Net neutrality. In a speech before the members of a think tank, the chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, has called “illegal” the california law providing for to restore this principle. “The Internet is a service that goes beyond the borders of a us State. It follows that the federal government has the authority to legislate in this field “, has hammered the republican appointed by Donald Trump.

Threat of legal action

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