Net Insight appoints managers within the marketing communications and Investor Relations


– Net Insight,

leading provider of transportation and resource planning in the TV and media, strengthening the organisation in the marketing communications and Investor Relations.

Hanna Laurentz has been appointed as the new VP of Marketing Communications with a mandate to develop and be responsible for Net Insight’s marketing communications. Hanna Laurentz has extensive experience in marketing and PR from technology companies, consulting and the latest in digital transformation. Hanna Laurentz part of the management team.

Thomas Ahlerup, has been appointed interim manager of Investor Relations. The purpose of the new role is to strengthen the capacity of Investor Relations and to increase the information capacity. Thomas Ahlerup for more than 15 years of experience from a number of listed companies.

Both Hanna and Thomas have started their mission in may 2017.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight AB, +46 8 685 04 00,

Thomas Bergström, Cfo, Net Insight AB, +46 8 685 04 00,

About Net Insight

Net Insight’s vision is to facilitate a live and interactive TV experience for all the world over. Our goal is to lead the development and enable a global mediemarknadsplats where live-content can be shared and interaction among the TV audience can be done in real-time. We want to create media experiences of the future, with a focus on content.

Net Insight delivers products, software and services for efficient, high-quality medietransport, together with effective resource planning, which creates an enhanced TV experience. Net Insight’s offering covers the whole mediespektrat, from the TV-cameras and TV-studios, right up to the TV-consumers. Our solutions benefit the service providers and the TV and production companies by lowering the total cost of ownership, improve their workflow and give them the opportunity to find new business opportunities.

More than 500 leading customers to deliver mission-critical media services over Net Insight products in over 60 countries.

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Net Insight appoints managers within the marketing communications and IR

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