Nearly fifty percent more kids in sports

The Hungarian success, domestic role models and sporting events impact significantly in recent years, nearly fifty percent increase in the supply number of successful sports – the Hungarian student sport Association (MDSZ) prepared by the survey.

Water polo is in and the fencing close to fifty, swimming forty, kayak-canoe nearly twenty percent increase in confirmed contestants number in the last four-five years.

“The youth sport movement is to encourage not only the future of sports success, because of its important task, but the young generation’s health” – quotes the MDSZ communication Balogh Gábor, the organization’s president. Highlight: in a huge role to play in the sports stars who set a good example to the young. The sports, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle promotion of the student sports federation is one of the main purposes of being considered.

“This year, thirty-year-old student olympics every year 270 thousand children compete,” – he stressed Balogh Gábor who adds: this is both an excellent school community-building event, on the other hand, talent options.

According to statistics fencing in 2011 1579 competition licence issued in 2017 already 2384-et. The canoeing in 2013 and 2016 between 3605 from 4202 persons has increased the confirmed contestants number. While water polo in the 2012/13 ‘ season 6291 certified junior age player was in the 2016/17 the season already 9191. The active float number of 2012 and 2014 between 4200 from 6164 persons has increased, which has since come to stagnate, at the same time, it is safe to swim many of the water polo advocate.

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