Morgonrapport: Time to break out of handelsintervallet 1630-1640…?

Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index fell slightly on Friday, with -0.19% to 1635.77. Despite the fact that Friday was a squeeze day, the turnover on the stockholm stock exchange to the entire 15.3 billion. This week’s first trading day is expected to usher in positive territory, just below the resistance level of 1640 points, according to a leading futures.

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Today’s analysis

The OMXS30 fell slightly during the Friday, who got a strong turnover on the stockholm stock exchange, and a relatively high sales value.

Despite the fact that we got a short trade below our technical support level of 1630 points, managed to buyers to lift the storbolagsindexet back to a positive track in the afternoon to close above.

According to a leading futures, including u.s. S&P 500, which after the night’s trading in Asia traded to the weak plus, we are expected to launch this week’s first trading day in positive track.

This may mean that we get a challenging of our closest resistance level of 1640 points, for a possible outbreak to the north.

The short-term 1640 kanaltaket in the narrow range in 1630-1640, as we experienced last week.

From a broader holistic perspective, this means at the same time that we maintain a trade within our expected range in the 1630-1670.

No significant deviations with the establishment outside this higher price range has so far arisen in recent times, in addition to the 18:th of may. Declining sales force both from last week and the month as a whole, this may very well be a positive sign to be able to get an outbreak from 1670 points in the future.

On Monday, both China, the united kingdom and the united states closed, which means that we expect somewhat lower activity.

Today’s trading holds no heavy makrobesked, however, the ECB president, Mario Draghi’s speech before the EUROPEAN parliament’s economic committee in the afternoon at 15:00, which can be worth observe.

This week’s big makrohöjdpunkt lands on Friday, when the approaching american employment, where expectations are for another strong month.

Despite the fact that we see positive signs to be able to establish ourselves over 1640 basis points at the challenging face of today’s trading, continuing political unrest to raise our eyebrows.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled that Europe can no longer count on the united states as a reliable partner, reports the Financial Times.

However, we see no reflection in the futures market on this statement this morning, but would sellers start to show proper strength and result in outbreaks on the downside during the 1630, this would increase the likelihood that we can challenge the 1600 points.

In particular we keep track of the outbreak from 1630-1640, south as to the north.

This means that the next technical key level awaits with resistance already at 1650, 1670 and 1682, prior to any challenging of 1720 points on the term.

Support levels await at the particular 1600 points, if we get an establishment during the support at 1630.

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Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Instalco (8.30)

Macro statistics

  • Statistics SWEDEN: exports and imports of goods, volume growth, 1 kv at 9.30 am
  • Statistics SWEDEN: exports and imports of goods in march at 9.30 am
  • Statistics SWEDEN: the trade balance of april at 9.30 am
  • Statistics SWEDEN: household lending april at 9.30 am
  • EMU: money supply, M3, april at 10.00 am.
  • AF: the weekly statistics at 10.45


  • China: printing
  • Uk: closed, Spring Bank holiday
  • The united states: closed, Memorial Day

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Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange opened on Friday, with the lower courses. After a certain recovery closed the index with only a slight decline. Market activity was limited during the klämdagen after ascension day with closed markets. Ericsson had a heavy development after Wednesday’s rise, while Telia advanced strengthened by the notice of dividend from Turkcellinnehavet. The leading european exchanges had a similar development as the one in Stockholm.

At the time of closing was storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index down 0.2 per cent down to the level of 1.636. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange was sek 15.3 billion.

Oil prices fell on the börsstängda on Thursday, then Opecländerna and a dozen countries outside the oil cartel decided to extend the current curtailments during the nine months to march 2018. Although a slight rebound was noted in the förmiddagshandeln backed many shares in the sector. Lundin Petroleum fell 1.6 per cent and Africa Oil fell 4 percent.

Telia was up over 1 per cent. Turkcell’s annual general meeting approved on Thursday a dividend for fiscal year 2016 in accordance with the proposal by Turkcell Holding, where Telia is the major shareholder. This means that Telia’s share will be approximately sek 2.1 billion after tax.

Among other stocks that advanced in the OMXS30 tagged Fingerprint, up nearly 2 percent, and Getinge stack up slightly more than 1 percent.

Ericsson, which advanced sharply earlier in the week, noted that the 1.4 per cent lower. SKF retreated 1.6 per cent. Goldman Sachs has lowered its recommendation for the company to neutral from buy. Also, Kinnevik has received a lowered recommendation from neutral to buy by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and shares went down by less than 1 percent.

Among the smaller companies step Impact Coating for just under 4 per cent. The company clarified on the morning of Wednesday’s news about the distribution Optorun.

”The agreement includes a försäljningsåtagande from Optorun to initially sell 10 coating system over 12-24 months, with an estimated value of Impact Coatings of 50 to 60 million”, announced the Impact.

The hard-pressed Gaming Corps climbed 22 percent. The gaming company has signed a contract to act as subcontractor for a major american AAA studio.

The G7-the meeting started on Friday with, among other things, trade in focus. U.s. GDP growth surpassed during the first quarter expectations when it was revised up to 1.2% against expected 0.9%. Orders for durable goods fell less than expected and was down 0.7 per cent in april, compared with an expected decline of 1.5 per cent.

Over the next week will be rounded rapportsäsongen of for this time. On Monday keeps the stock markets in the U.S. closed for the celebration of Memorial Day. Even the London stock exchange keeps printing then.

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